July 18, 2008

By Larry Barnes


The bikes are old, but they go fast;

the riders are bold, and they have a blast.

They put on quite a show for the big crowd,

who show their appreciation with cheers so loud.

Vintage motorcycle racing at Wauseon is the best,

from the East coast to the West!


The second annual Wauseon, Ohio vintage motorcycle race was a tremendous success with a full grandstand, full grids of antique boardtrackers, handshifters, brakeless vintage, and speedway motorcycles.  The races, promoted by Scotty Brown, were held in conjunction with the Antique Motorcycle Club of America national meet at the quaint Fulton County Fairgrounds, west of Toledo. 


Repeat winners from the inaugural 2007 race were Chad Rall in the 500cc footshift and Pro Twins classes, Doug Horner in the Handshift class, and Patrick Murphy in the Boardtracker class.  Even the 165cc lightweight class produced excitement for the packed grandstand as grandmother Linda Blum passed 2007 winner Mike Magee at the checkered flag for the win on her Harley Hummer. 


The fastest racing of the day was provided by the long-track speedway riders in their six heats building up to the state of Ohio Speedway Championship event, won by Chad Rall, son of legendary rider Ronnie Rall.  Chad claimed the title by besting Chris Thomas and Dan Weicht in the A Main final. 


Vintage racing seems to be a growing family affair as David Weicht, Dan’s brother, won the Speedway B Main.  Other father-son winners included Rich Long in the Vintage 250/360 class and Aaron Long in the Open Amateur Vintage Class.  And Nate “Bubba” Long took third in the Pro Twins class.


Next up are the August 29 Davenport, Iowa vintage races, held in conjunction with the AMCA’s Chief Blackhawk Meet August 29-31.  



Results from Friday, July 18, 2008

Bike Days LLC – Antique Motorcycle Races

Fulton County Fairgrounds, Wauseon  Ohio


Board Track – Teens thru 1928:   1. Pat Murphy (HD); 2. Frank Westfall (Hen); 3. Steve Lippoldt (HD); 4. Evan Kunes (HD); 5. Carl Estes (HD)

Hand Shift – 1936 thru 1951:  1. Doug Horner (IND); 2. Kelly George (IND); 3. Roy Hostetter (Tri); 4. Thomas Knight (Ind); 5. Jon Swanson (HD)

165cc Lightweight – 1948 thru 1966:  1. Linda Blum (HD); 2. Mike Magee (HD); 3. Wayne Albertson (HD)

Brakeless Foot Shift 250cc thru 1967:  1. Carl Forkey (HD); 2. Albert McRoberts (Bul); 3.  Michael Risner (HD)

Brakeless Foot Shift 500 OHV – 750 SV thru 1967:  1. Chad Rall (HD); 2. Ronnie Rall (Jaw); 3. Craig Breckon (Tri); 4. Daniel Vrana (HD); 5. Gene Atherton (Unk)

Vintage 250/360cc thru 1981:  1. Rich Long (Hon); 2. Albert McRoberts (Hon); 3. Gene Atherton (Tri) ; 4. Matt Ramsey (Bul); 5. John Wilson (Unk)

Vintage Open Amateur thru 1980:  1. Aaron Long (Yam); 2. Steve Swander (Tri); 3. Curt Johnson (Yam); 4. Ted Smith (Yam); 5. Carlos Vestal (Yam)

Vintage 600cc Pro thru 1980:  1. Thomas Englehart (Hon); 2. James Monegan (Hon); 3. Nathan Long (Yam); 4. Aaron Long (Hon); 5. Terry Vestal (Yam)

Vintage Open Twins-Pro thru 1980:  1. Chad Rall (Yam); 2. Daniel Vrana (Tri); 3. Nathan Long (Tri); 4. Matt George (HD); 5. John Wilson (Unk)

Ohio Speedway Long Track Championship A Main:  1. Chad Rall (Jaw); 2. Chris Thomas (Jaw); 3. Daniel Weicht (Jaw); 4. Chris Hathaway (Jaw); 5. Michael Callen (Jaw)

Ohio Speedway Long Track Championship B Main:  1. David Weicht (Jaw); 2. Marc Monroe (Jaw); 3. Jon Massie (Jaw); 4. Kevin Sexton (Jaw); 5. Doug Horner (Jaw)