Speedway Long Track National Championship

July 19, 2013    Wauseon, Ohio    by Michael DeChamplain

On Friday July 19, 2013, before an SRO crowd, the 7th annual Classic Flat Track Half Mile Races were held.  This event just seems to get better and better every year, just like a circa vintage aged ole’ wine – cheers.  I wouldn’t miss it for the world, and if you’ve never had the opportunity to show up, mark you calendar date down for the 3rd weekend of July 2014, NOW!! Believe me, you won’t regret it!  Well, enough grandstanding, here is the report and results.

Blessed with a beautiful Fry-day, bow howdy it sure was a scorcher (mid 90’s) and muggsville. Thank God we were lucky to have a consistent steady breeze goin’ that alone saved all our hinnies.  What, me worry – let alone complain – heck no, it was calling for severe t-storms.  For some reason that storm hit everywhere except Wauseon, karma baby Parma.  The whole event from start to finish went on without a hitch, with only a couple of mild get off’s.  Thanks to the professional crew, family, friends and volunteers of the Scotty & Staci Brown’s well oiled promotion machine aka the Bike Days M-C Club.  These guys and gals got this show down to an art form.  As usual, the limestone cushion half mile was in fine form, “This is not a fluke!”  The Brown crew works it from Tuesday (16th) on.  The only “un-flat” area is a slight hump between turns 1 and 2.  This is unavoidable since trucks and horses roll out of the two gates between these turns on a daily basis, but most racers use this to their advantage, rollin’ with the punches – track personality I call it.

Gallant speedway motorcycle racers showed up to rumble at the Fulton County Fairgrounds oval, from the Ohio State surrounding area (Michigan, Indiana and Illinois), including Ohio.  After getting the hot laps out of the way, it was time to start up the heat races.

The Speedway Long Track National Championship consisted of 1 practice, 4 heats and 1 LCQ – plenty of rides (thank you Scotty!).  Then on with the mains, which are the B Main and the A Main.  To me, B main means before the A Main, which it is.  Dan Weicht #1, Indiana, and John Debats #41x did not have to enter the LCQ, they had the points gathered from the heats to get right to the A Main baby.

Now for the “Big Shoe” (I mean show) – the A Main.  Dan Weicht #1 Indiana, defending his 2nd year in a row (2011 and 2012) Speedway Long Track National #1 plate always shows up to complete, unfortunately so do a lot of other guys.  When you’re holding down a #1 plate, you always get the wolves trying to knock down your door.  This Main was no exception.  John Debats (JD #41x Michigan), Alan Rush (#119 Indiana), and Chris Hathaway (#82 Indiana) were the afford mentioned.  A horrible break for Chris Hathaway (#82 Indiana) B.S.A. (Bike Stopped Again) carb problems shot down his chances to dethrone the champ.  DNF, he graciously bowed out, a true sportsman.  This left JD and Alan Rush a 3 man Main.  Locked into position, the green start took off and I mean took off!  This race from start to finish was a cookin’ battle between Danny and JD.  It reminded me of last year’s 2012 race between Jack Warren (# 82 Michigan) in his 70’s (sorry Jack).  Jack put it to the two young whippersnappers, Chad Rall (#52x Ohio) and George Roeder II (#66 Ohio).  John Debats got the holeshot not like the previous year (2012) when his two speed tranny went south.  John Debats held the lead into turn 1 but momentarily lost it coming out of turn 2.  This was the beginning of a knock down drag out winner take all romp between Danny and John.  In four short furious traditional speedway laps, the lead position rocked back and forth three separate times between Danny and John.  It was like the devil himself was trying to pitchfork their rear tires.  Man it was exciting, as many times that I’ve witnessed action like this, nothing beats a great speedway race, no offense to the other classes, but Speedway “wicks it on” – all the way through – even in the corners.  Alan Rush (#119 Indiana) did his best to stay close, but these guys were on another level.  In the end, Dan Weicht (#1 Indiana) held John Debats off right to the finish line.  Third time’s the charm.  An Indiana hat trick, three years straight National Long Track Champion.  Congratulations Dan Weicht (#1 Indiana) thanks to John Debats (#41 Michigan) and Alan Rush (#119 Indiana) for contributing to a great memorable day at the races!  Don’t worry guys, there’s always next year.

The B Main action began with a clean start, as Michael DeChamplain (#63 Michigan) yours truly got the holeshot.  Being the B Main, the pack was pretty even going into Turn 1.  This is where Steve Brinker (#32 Indiana) took over and never looked back.  The two Michigan boys, Mark Engel (#3 Michigan) and Mike Callen (#33e Michigan) had a little brew ha ha raging for 2nd and 3rd spots, but Steven Brinker (#32 Indiana) took all the marbles, while Mark Engle on a newly built long track machine overtook Mike Callen (#33e Michigan) at the finish line for a close half a bike length lead finish.  Thomas (I did bring my carb this year) Keene (#151 Ohio) and Michael DeChamplain (#63 Michigan) brought up the rear and finished 4th and 5th respectively.  My hats off to Steven Brinker (#32 Indiana).  Putting a practice track in the yard really does wonders to improve your riding ability.  He’s flying out there, won’t be long before he’ll get to the A Main. 

Well, that’s it kiddies – 7 straight years of racing bliss and I hope it continues for many more to come with the “Brown Team” at the helm, I’m sure it will!  Oh, and don’t forget the racers, and we’ll see “YOU” next year. 

*That’s all folks – the end”






Speedway Long Track National Championship - Wauseon Ohio - July 19, 2013


Speedway Heat #1 Results

1) John Debats #41x

2) Stephan Brinker #32

3) Michael Callen #33e

4) Mark Engel #3     

5) Michael DeChamplain #63


Speedway Heat #2 Results

1) Daniel Weicht #1

2) Alan Rush #119

3) Chris Hathaway #82

4) Thomas Keene #151


Speedway Heat #3 Results

1) Michael Callen #33e

2) Mark Engel #3

3) Thomas Keene #151

4) Michael DeChamplain #63


Speedway Heat #4 Results

1) Daniel Weicht #1

2) John Debats #41x

3) Chris Hathaway #82

4) Stephan Brinker #32

5) Alan Rush #119


Speedway LCQ Results

1) Alan Rush #119

2) Chris Hathaway #82

3) Michael Callen #33e

4) Mark Engel #3

5) Thomas Keene #151

6) Michael DeChamplain #63


Speedway “B” Main Final

1) Stephan Brinker #32 Plainfield, Illinois

2) Mark Engel #3 Clinton Township, Michigan

3) Michael Callen #33e Galesburg, Michigan

4) Thomas Keene #151 Centerville, Ohio

5) Michael DeChamplain #63 Detroit, Michigan


Speedway “A” Main Final

1) Daniel Weicht #1 North Webster, Indiana

2) John Debats #41x Kawkawlin, Michigan

3) Alan Rush #119 Speedway, Indiana

4) Chris Hathaway #82





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